Connecting With
Chinese Tourists

Get Beyond The Great Chinese Firewall.

Unless you are really on the other side of the wall, you are not connecting with your Chinese potential customers in an effective way.

China has its own and completely separate internet ecosystem including different social media apps and search engines than the ones everyone else in the world uses. And all in Mandarin Chinese, of course. Chinese mainland tourists don’t even have access to Western social media, which means they’re probably not even hearing your message.

Connect With Chinese Tourists using 2 Unique Services:


Chinese Social Media Campaigns and Web access

Through our partnerships, we can get you access to Chinese websites and Chinese social media campaigns.


Payment systems

Chinese payment apps and habits are very different than in the West. If you are not optimizing a Chinese tourist’s ability to pay you, then what’s the point of drawing them to your location? We can help connect you to the Chinese tourist’s wallet.

Let us Show You How to Grab Your Share of
Chinese Tourism Spending.


How Much Do you Really Know About the Chinese Tourist?

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