the Chinese Tourist

Ensure You’re Spending Your Marketing Budget Effectively.

What’s the point of pouring money into advertising
if it is missing the target?

China is big and has a lot of people! You know that, instinctively, but perhaps hadn’t thought of how that impacts your Chinese tourism outreach strategy. Which demographic are you targeting? Which region? What do they think or know about your destination already? What are they saying about you on Chinese social media?

We’ve seen it before. We have helped clients realize that the marketing campaigns purchased without doing the research beforehand were missing the mark.  We’ve seen ineffective outreach and mismatching of incentives to destinations not on the Chinese tourists’ radar, rendering the campaigns completely futile.  Money down the drain.

Target the Chinese Tourist with 3 Unique Services:


Research Services

We offer both tailored and standard market research.
In the first instance we work with our client to determine what kind of research is needed in order to best understand their current or targeted Chinese outbound tourist client.

Through our COTRI partnership, we are also able to offer the Quarterly COTRI Market Report which looks at the changes to Chinese outbound tourism on a worldwide basis qualitative analysis backed by numbers, as well as deep dives on topics of current interest.


Data analytics

Our team and partners specialize in analyzing Chinese outbound tourism trends and can provide you with valuable insight into a wide range or specific destinations.

COTRI Analytics, the data source on Chinese outbound tourism for Bloomberg LP since 2015, is a quarterly report covering 80 top destinations worldwide. Data points included are: arrival numbers, gender, age group, education level, origin city tier, accommodation standard, purpose of visit and travel organization method.



GeLi Consult LLC and COTRI are experts in Chinese outbound tourism with many years of experience in this niche market in the global marketplace. Each client has specific situations or needs for which a customized consulting project can really help them gain insight they need to effectively analyze and take the appropriate action to put them in the best light for attracting Chinese tourists.

Let us Show You How to Grab Your Share of
Chinese Tourism Spending.


How Much Do you Really Know About the Chinese Tourist?

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