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Test your knowledge and basic understanding of the Chinese tourist. Keep in mind there’s always more to learn, and that’s where Geli Consult adds value to your marketing efforts.


Chinese outbound tourists were the 5th largest inbound foreign tourist group to the U.S. in 2017. Were Chinese tourists the 5th largest population of tourists visiting your establishment?


Chinese outbound tourists are the highest spending tourists in the world. Did they spend more per capita than other nationalities on your products and services this past year?


Do you know when the key Chinese holidays are when you might expect more Chinese tourists to travel?


Is your staff knowledgeable about Chinese tourists’ culture and expectations?


Do you and your staff know basic Chinese vocabulary?


Do you know how Chinese pay for things in China and are you prepared to accept their preferred forms of payment while they are traveling in the U.S.?


If you are selling products in the luxury industry, are a large percentage of your U.S. sales to Chinese tourists?


Have you done something to reach the Chinese outbound tourist on the internet?

Let us know how we can contact you and we’ll set up a call with the answers and how we can help you attract more Chinese tourists and improve your revenue.


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