the Chinese Tourist

Are you confident that you are putting your best foot forward
when receiving your Chinese guests?

Chinese culture and language are very different from Western cultures. Curiously while the millennia-old culture still greatly influences the behavior of Chinese tourists, so do the very recent economic and technological changes that China has undergone in the last couple of decades.

What are the most important elements of each for you to be aware of? Did you know that the impact you have on your Chinese visitors will influence not only their perception but also all the people in their trusted network of friends or colleagues?  Every reaction is magnified in scope and can make or break your destination as a desirable one.

Understand The Chinese Tourist with 4 Unique Services:


Welcome Training

Our CTW (Chinese Welcome Training) will give you a broad overview of key elements for you to know and understand China today and Chinese tourism. We cover a broad scope, yet get down to detail with constantly updated material.


Chinese Social Media

Did you know that Western social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) are largely blocked in China? If you are relying on them for your advertising outreach to China, you can bet your message isn’t getting through to your prospective visitors. We will let you look on the other side of the Great Chinese Firewall so that you can understand Chinese social media and Chinese netizen behavior.


Chinese Payment Systems

Every country has different payment habits and currencies. China’s recent technological evolution has greatly impacted local consumer behavior. How does this affect the Chinese traveler’s behavior abroad? Are you missing out on any sales to Chinese tourists due to your payment system set-up?


Investment and Ecommerce

Did you know that China’s equivalent of Black Friday has three times the sales of Black Friday? How is ecommerce developing in China? What impact might it have on ecommerce outside of China?

Let us Show You How to Grab Your Share of
Chinese Tourism Spending.


How Much Do you Really Know About the Chinese Tourist?

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