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Chinese tourists are the largest tourist population in the world, and the highest-spenders, making them very coveted targets for destinations.  Across the globe, there is aggressive competition to attract their business, yet cultural, linguistic and technological barriers make it challenging to do so.

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Attracting tourists from foreign countries can be challenging, fraught with various language and cultural barriers. Attracting Chinese consumers can be even more complex because they can’t access Western social media and websites.

Through an exclusive network of partners Geli Consult can help you understand, target and connect to this lucrative tourism market.

Julia Gessner
GeLi Consult LLC founder

Julia Gessner is the founder and CEO of GeLi Consult LLC, a consultancy dedicated to assisting American destinations understand and attract Chinese outbound tourists.

With over 20 years of experience that spans 4 continents, Julia Gessner brings incredible expertise in the field of global business management and cross-cultural communication. She has worked in a variety of foreign countries for companies that included Merrill Lynch, Euroclear, and BBVA. Her language skills include English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Chinese.  A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Julia went on to earn her MBA from France’s INSEAD. She completed additional post-graduate education in Chinese Business Development at the Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies and holds an Executive Certificate in Luxury from HEC-Paris.  Her foreign experiences combined with her deep analysis of Chinese outbound tourism behaviors and trends provide wraparound knowledge of how to overcome the cultural and technological barriers of understanding, catering, and marketing to the Chinese tourist.


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